Kim’s 20×2 Birthday Trip to Vail: Custom Birthday T-Shirt Design

Many women dread the big 4-0. Frankly, so do most men. It’s a milestone birthday that has been historically the “over the hill” age. Then there’s Kim.

She embraced her 40th birthday, inviting friends from all over to come play in Vail, Co., for the weekend. With a trip jam-packed with adventure, including a beautiful hike to Hanging Lakes, Kim needed a shirt for her crew that commemorated the spirit of the weekend and poked fun at the idea of 40.

Kim took advantage of Rein’s full-service custom design package, and had this great image created and emblazoned on T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts. The 20×2 idea came from our design team as an homage to hiding the big (ish) number while celebrating it at the same time. We added some tasteful text to the design to memorialize Vail, Hanging Lakes, and the rest of a great weekend.

A US Forest park ranger even took the time to comment on the shirts at the base of Hanging Lake.

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