A Big Milestone: 100 Containers from the Factory

We’ve engaged with VintageView Wine Storage Systems (the leading modern wine rack manufacturer in the world) for the past two years, creating amazing branded gear they use to ship to valued clients, contest winners, and more.

This request was a bit different: A shirt to celebrate a major milestone and bridge two cultures.

The company has its headquarters in Denver, Co., and a production facility in China. The company’s popular metal wine racks come to the US by shipping container, and in the summer of 2017, the 100th container was packed and sent over the ocean from the factory to HQ.

A Big Milestone: 100 Containers from the FactoryBoth the US and Chinese teams wanted to commemorate the occasion. We came up with this design meant solely for team-building purposes. It shows a stylized shipping container on the ocean with an element of the company logo. The text “The 100th Container” and “That’s a lot of racks” was translated into Chinese, making readable in both countries.

It worked. VintageView reported a high level of internal enthusiasm for the concept. It’s worn by a team member nearly every day.

Want a cool design for your company’s next big thing? We have you covered. 

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