Book Trust’s New Event: An annual pub crawl/scavenger hunt/fundraiser

Book Trust Scavenger Hunt 2017

This is the classic example of a bunch of good people getting together to do good things. The only thing missing: a designer among the group.

Book Trust, a Denver, Co., based non-profit that helps get books in the hands of low-income families, hosted its first pub crawl/scavenger hunt fundraiser in the fall of 2017. Set to run around Denver in the name of a raising money, the group needed a great T-shirt to bring the event together.

They crafted a design board and sent it off to our team for refinement. We understood what they wanted based of the art they sent us and created a great shirt attendees were proud to wear during the event.

“We looked good at the bars,” said organizer Dave Elliott. “We loved the way they took our idea and made it stylish. Thank you so much Rein Design.”

Want a cool design for your next fundraiser? We have you covered. 

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