Rein Designs believes in giving back to causes that are important to us, which is why we have created two distinct clothing lines that help causes that support the reefs and parks.

Respect the ReefRespect the Reef

We donate 5% of every Respect the Reef sale to support coral reef ecology. This project is designed to create awareness about our oceans’ coral reefs, which are are vital to the survival of so many plant and animal life and impact humans in countless ways. More than 500 million people are affected either directly or indirectly by the coral reefs. It is critical that we start reversing damage done by human activity, or our reefs may never recover.

Respect the Reef helps raise funds through product sales as well as donations from patrons for reef research and education. We select organizations or people we feel can help spread our sustainable and responsible message effectively. We are at the beginning stages of this project and our web site will give more information on who we are donating to and how to donate directly to organizations that share our mission.

We take our responsibility of being a good steward of the earth very seriously. Not only through environmental practices but through the many charities we support that help the less fortunate.

Online store coming soon. 

Respect our Parks

We donate 5% of every Respect Our Parks sale to support protecting natural lands throughout the country. The Respect Our Parks project was started to help create awareness about our nation’s parks, raising funds through product sales as well as donations from patrons for park conservation and education.

As a company based at the foothills of the Rockies — and just a short drive to amazing places such as Rocky Mountain National Park — this cause is so important to our core values of protecting our landscape for generations to come.

Online store coming soon. 

More Advocacy

We give a portion of all Jibber Jabbers online proceeds to BookTrust.

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