VintageView’s Annual T-Shirt and Swag

VintageView Collector T-Shirt

VintageView is the world leader in contemporary wine rack manufacturing.

With a target market of interior designers and architects, well-heeled homeowners, and hospitality professionals, putting a logo on the front of a Tee wasn’t going to cut it. They came to our design team with the idea of doing a fully branded, annual T-shirt that was stylish enough for their clientele to want to wear. And not just for a trip to 24 Hour Fitness.

2016: Collector

Turning the word “collector” into a wine bottle was a simple way of promoting the art of wine collecting. The company owns the patent on the sideways (label-forward) wine rack, so we designed a stylized version of it to hold the bottle. This simple design solved the problem with a simple, two-color design. The bottle looks cool and has wine drinkers wanted to wear it so show off their passion. The branding comes through by showing what the product actually does. We put the logo on the back for name recognition. VintageView has told us that their clients snapped up the shirts, and reported wearing them often, making them walking billboards.

VintageView ordered a reprint in early 2017 due to popularity.

2017: Display | Play

Tasked with topping the popular Collector design, we took the same approach in creating a unique design that told the story of the passion of wine collecting. Sometimes a wino just wants to enjoy their collection (“play”), other times they take pride in saving a great bottle for a few years (“display”).

VintageView Wine Storage Systems

This speaks to the art of wine cellaring and how the company’s label-forward racks make the wine cellar a piece of decor. A new version of VintageView’s racks were used in the design.

VintageView has reported that its clients have been torn between loving the 2016 and 2017 designs, and are eager for the next version.

Brass Tacks:

VintageView’s annual T-shirt has now become something that its clients look forward to receiving, which helps them immensely with brand loyalty. The fact that the clients wear the shirts out in their day-to-day life, has helped them turn into evangelists, meaning they are constantly advertising the stylish wine racks.

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